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Founded by former IBM and SAP Managers, Architects and Consultant, Boson Consulting is a specialized management consulting firm that offers digital solutions and services specifically designed for all type of client`s business requirement by bringing leading edge management thinking and sharing the best ideas from innovation and disruptive technologies with our clients.


At Boson Consulting we believe in a better digitalized world. It is our mission to help people and businesses to evolve toward this environment by accompanying people and companies in digital transformation with proactiveness and dedication. We achieve this through an agile and collaborative approach as well as through our unparallel know-how, experiences and dedication to ensure sustainable outcome.


The firm’s name “Boson” is based on a class of particles that follows Bose–Einstein statistics. Bosons make up one of the two classes of particles, the other class which conforms to Femi-Dirac statistics are called Fermions. The term “Boson” is based on Indian physicist Satyendranath Bose.


Boson Consulting professionals have extensive background in management consulting and business transformation combined with industry experience and IT capability which enables us to help companies achieving their goals with proven methodologies, tools and know-how.


Certified in Design Thinking Methodology, SAP ERP, SAP HANA, Cloud Architecture, SAP NetWeaver and Methodologies (Business Transformation Methodology, Enterprise Architecture Framework/TOGAF, SAP Activate, SAP ASAP and RSLAF/ITIL).


Lasting customer relationship since 1998 across all regions North Americas, EMEA and APJ with more than 100 companies and clients from Oil & Gas, Utilities, Automotive, High Tech, ICM, Chemicals – and Life Science/Pharma.


We managed and delivered projects via integrated delivery model (local, on-, near-, and off shore) with well-versed local and international experts by leveraging our local, regional and global partner delivery network


What We Are Passionate About

Enabling enterprises in digital transformation and internationalization to adopt rapidly in today’s global business environment by comprehensive and industrialized services offering, tools and methodologies.


Global advisory for business & IT transformation services for strategy, business process & transformation programs. Agile ideas and design thinking help organizations reshape their future through value realization.


Implementing the latest technology solutions and innovations to help organizations leverage benefits of digital transformation. We create unparallel operational excellence and efficiencies to drive change at scale of economics


Global delivery network and operations to ensure best resources and knowhow across all regions and increase responsiveness to client’s requirements. We help our clients innovate, scale and economize how they operate globally.

Shaping enterprise future through digital transformation programs that harness business insights and understanding of how technology impacts business models. It enables companies to reach the next level of digitalization with solutions around S/4HANA , Cloud Computing and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and IoT with focus on creating sustainable value, driving cost savings and realizing new markets or income streams.

Turning ideas into action to empower our clients achieving competitive advantage by harnessing digitization and automation. With deep industry knowledge, latest innovations around process design and technologies, we implement and realize value with efficiency, effectiveness and precision by leveraging our unique capability and our global network of expertise.


Contact us.

  • Boson Consulting GmbH
  • Kaiserswerther Str. 115, 40880 Ratingen, Germany
  • +49 (0) 2102 420 788
  • Monday - Friday: 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM

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